The TR400/2S pneumatic cutting-off machine consisting of two units manufactured by Electro mac Srl is a technologically advanced, innovative machine designed for foundries. Electro Mac Srl was one of the first Italian companies to conceive and manufacture this specific type of pneumatic cutting-off machine which stands out for its great precision, large dimensions and long duration even under very difficult operating conditions. The support structure of the TR400/2S machine is made of electro-welded metal plate. It is enclosed in a sound-proof housing with sound-absorbing panels, two lateral access doors to the housing for replacing abrasive discs, arrangement for dust extraction and double front safety door with a pneumatic opening system. The electrical motor is a three-phase, asynchronous, 2-pole motor, Hp 7.5 220/380/50 Hz., 2,800 rounds/min. and it is driven by wedge belts. The workpiece to be cut is brought close to the abrasive disc by means of two slides driven by a pneumatic cylinder. It is possible to select either the quick or the slow operation mode. These slides are equipped with sliding bearings with a diameter of 40 mm. located on hardened, ground bars, with a hydraulic decelerator (SLOW) and pneumatic vertical clamps mounted on board the slide car for a safe grip of the workpiece. The slide of the TR400/2S pneumatic cutting-off machine supporting the motor is driven by a jack cylinder equipped with an electric motor mod. MA 5B 0.18 Kw. The position of the abrasive discs is constantly updated by means of two photocells. The cutting start point remains always the same, thus avoiding any change in position at the beginning of the cutting procedure resulting from worn abrasive discs and the consequent reduction in diameter. The pneumatic panel is incorporated in the machine supporting structure and includes 9 ISO 5599/1 WAIRCOM MBS 24 V.D.C.bistable electrovalves mounted on suitable bases. The electrical control panel managed by a TELEMECANIQUE PLC mod. TSX 3710 and a cutting-edge technology keyboard enable the operator to manage the machine manually.

  • Pair of certified safety and control light curtains (receiver + transmitter), manufactured in accordance with the  PR. EN 50100 1/20 and  89/392 EEC Standards
  • Total height 300 mm
  • Power supply 24
  • 2 output channels (1.2A-40
  • Intrinsic safety
  • Self-test
  • TX-RX work distance: 0-6 m. (Otp. 16 m.)
  • low noise level within the limits of European Standards
  • reduced wear of the abrasive discs
  • controlled updating of the position of the abrasive discs
  •  high cutting speed of the pieces
  • simple management of the machine operation
  • very rapid clamps tooling
  • limited spread of dust in the work environment
  • easy access for replacing abrasive discs
  • arrangement for dust extraction
  • absolute safety
Abrasive disc dimensionsØ400x4,5x40
Useful cut maximum length in mm.120
Clamps supporting slide – total stroke mm.350
Workpiece blocking clamps: max. stroke mm. 80
Clamps closing pressure kg.300
Motor rounds min./12800
Grinding wheel support spindle – rounds min./13800
Connection point for dust extraction Ø mm.150
Air supply 3 cm. pressure 6
Compressed air consumption for NL cycle3
Installed power 6,5
Supply voltage - V.220/380/50Hz
Voltage of auxiliary circuits - VDC24
Total machine weight – kg.650
Overall dimensions - mm.1400x1400x1800
Average hourly production (Ø32 mm.) 450
Dust extraction filterOPTIONAL
Photocells for automatic cycle startOPTIONAL
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