We make highly reliable, extremely effective and safe electro-pneumatic machines available to very different industrial sectors

The Company

Electro Mac Srl was founded in 1958 by the Zubani family in the area of Lumezzane in the Brescian valleys, where excellence in the field of metal processing dates back to ancient times. The Company’s objective has always been that of offering highly reliable, efficient and extremely safe electro-pneumatic machines to foundries and enterprises in very different industrial sectors. These characteristics make it possible to improve the quality of production and to reduce the costs connected with the construction of sand cores and result in better final products. Aware of the technological requirements and of the constant development of the foundry market,

after almost sixty years of work in this field, the Zubani family decided to establish Electro Mac Srl, an ever growing company, able to serve numerous customers all over the world with the professional skills and reliability which have always been typical of the Zubani’s. This leading company in the Italian industrial context is particularly appreciated for its great commitment in the research and development of advanced solutions in the field of electro-pneumatic machines for foundries and stands out for its excellent production support and aftersale services. The experience acquired over the years of work in the foundry sector has enabled the

Zubani family to implement technical know-how with a high added value at Electro Mac Srl. This great competence and the great improvement of the metal gravity casting processes have led to long lasting success, including the gradual expansion in new markets. Electro Mac Srl is specialized in the production of electro-pneumatic machines, automatic and semi-automatic systems and special processing equipment. These products have become a synonym for technological development, their quality exceeds the general standards and they offer economic advantages without prejudice to efficiency and safety.