[ QUALITY 2.0 ]

Electro Mac manufactures machines for foundries and high technological performance machines using top quality raw materials and components.

The work philosophy of the Electro mac Srl Company is total quality of the products and services offered in order to meet customer requirements in a careful, reliable and quick manner. This total quality concept

involves constant technological research and development within the Company, which is based itself on its ten plus years experience in the foundry sector and aims at continuous optimization of the performance of foundry and metal processing machines.

The excellence achieved results from many different factors, among which the selection of the best raw materials and of the most reliable components. Skilled operators carry out careful assembly and strict controls of each work phase, from processing to final assembly.


The development of machines for foundries and for metal processing has the objective of offering the market advanced products which make it possible to improve productivity, safety and reliability. A very successful example of this is the ELMAC sand core forming system in the F1 and ECO 3.0 versions. It uses the HOT-BOX system. Sand cores are completely free of burr and are compact and uniform, even when a low injection pressure is applied.The CnCut/R200 machine makes it possible to cut shaped runner systems, radiuses and arches fully automatically. Programming is very easy and has a very extensive storage memory. This is one of the latest technological findings making it possible to interpolate all the movements of the axes with the greatest precision and to reduce tooling times and the resulting offline production times.


Each individual machine for foundries manufactured by the Electro Mac Srl consists of top quality raw materials and components produced by top manufacturers and is carefully assembled by specialized, skilled operators. Each processing and assembly phase of the machinery undergoes continuous controls in order to guarantee that each product meets the high quality standards established by the Company. All the machines are supplied already cabled and equipped with a control panel on board and therefore are ready to use immediately after connection to the electrical network. In the D70/L dosage dispensing unit  all components in contact with sand, resin and catalysts are corrosion resistant, while the automatic TR400/2S cutting-off machine guarantees greatest precision and long duration also under very difficult work conditions thanks to the quality of its components.