Silica sand automatic mixing system


Electro Mac Srl offers the D70/L dosage dispensing unit for optimal mixing of silica sand. This machine is fully automatic. It is an ideal support for the latest production procedures of sand cores consisting of mixtures based on liquid additives such as resin or catalysts. The doses of binding agent to insert into the mixtures must be constant and precise. Therefore a good dosage dispensing system is indispensable. Volumetric models with adjustable calibration have proved their technical superiority. The D70/L dosage dispensing system is one of the most recent technological findings. It makes the feeding of mixers for the preparation of mixtures based on silica sand with the addition of liquid resin and catalysts for producing cores using the HOT-BOX procedure simpler and more effective. The system developed by the Electro Mac Srl company is completely automatic. All functions of the dosage dispensing unit are controlled by suitable end-switches and timers, while all operations of the various equipment are shown on the control panel by means of warning lights. A keyboard enables the operator to select either the fully automatic cycle or the manual procedure. The D70/L dosage dispensing unit consists of an electro-welded folded plate, painted in RAL 6011 green. The structure has a water tight tank containing the resin and a hopper for dosing the silica sand. The system is equipped with a volumetric dosage dispenser for measuring the quantity of liquid resin, the calibration of which is adjustable. The system also includes a regulation membrane pump for dosing the catalyst. All components of the machine coming in contact with sand, resin and catalysts are made of high technical performance, top quality corrosion resistant materials.

Resin tank capacity350 lt.
Sand hopper capacity300 Kg.
Capacity of the resin volumetric dosage dispenser2.000 c.c.
Catalyst dosing pump: delivery90 lt./h.
Mixture cycle time180 sec.
Supply voltageV.220/380 Hz 50
(other voltages/freq. on request)
  • Sliding helix mixer, mixture capacity 100 kg.
  • Possibility of having up to six different dosage settings.
  • Constant dosage dispensing guaranteeing a permanently uniform mixture
  • Possibility of mixing also powder resin by means of loading cells
  • Very high resistance to corrosion
  • Possibility of automating up to six different dosage settings
  • Simple control of all operations
  • Immediate operabiliity
  • Extremely simple use
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