Our ever growing and reliable company aims at the constant improvement of production processes, of the technological equipment and of the distribution network.

The company

The headquarters of the Electro Mac Srl industrial estate have been in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, for two generations. Lumezzane is one of the leading Italian names in the sector of mechanics, metallurgy and the steel industry. The Zubani family has been working in the field of gravity shell casting of brass since 1958, manufacturing a wide range of articles in non-ferrous metal, such as taps and water and sanitary installations, valves aand devices for lighting appliances. It supplies top quality products to various industrial sectors. The knowledge and the know-how acquired over 60 years have enabled Electro Mac Srl to become

an ever developing solid company which constantly improves its production processes, technological equipment and distribution network in the foundry market, with widespread penetration also into new markets. Professional skills, experience, products with a high added value and a very good quality/price ratio are undoubtedly interesting for customers: their orders of components and accessories to Electro mac Srl, who produces them using gravity shell processes, have increased over the years. The whole shell casting method is managed in the Company plants of Lumezzane, where specialized and qualified personnel 

carries out the whole process and offers a turnkey service, from the manufacture of equipment and machinery to the production of semi-finished items and the supply of finished products. The long lasting experience of more than ten years, the constant use of top quality raw materials, the careful internal production of advanced technological systems as well as effective control services and customer and aftersale services make it possible for Electro Mac Srl to meet the requirement of its customers by producing pieces which meet the highest world standards through shell gravity casting.