Electro Mac supports its customers with a first level electrical, mechanical and aftersale service concerning foundry machines. It guarantees timeliness and competence all over the world

Electro Mac Srl aims at supplying its customers foundry machines which will last for a long time, able to carry out their work in a continuous cycle, even in very difficult situation and under critical 

conditions. All Electro mac products are reliable, safe and top quality. Their use and maintenance are very simple: the systems have been developed so as to allow easy access to the parts most 

subjected to wear. The electrical, mechanical and technical customer service make it possible to reduce machine downtimes and the relevant costs as much as possible.


Electro Mac Srl offers quick and effective remote customer service for machines with electrical failures. These types of failures are quite common in the foundry sector. A team of skilled and qualified technicians offers remote support and makes it possible for the Company to immediately react to any type of electrical problem all over the world by means of a simple connection with the main control unit of the machine. Each request for support is quickly managed remotely, regardless of its being damage or simple updating of the operating software and problems are solved as quickly as possible. Should remote customer support not lead to a solution, operations at the site affected are made easy by a detailed and precise technical documentation supplied along with the machine, which is also accessible in the Electro Mac web site.


Electro Mac Srl offers a very accurate technical service for its machinery. In particular, mechanical problems are managed in two different ways. We offer careful and accurate telephone support, which, together with the very simple assembly and dismantling system of the machines and the very detailed technical documentation, makes it possible for customers to repair mechanical failures directly and easily with spare parts, components and accessories for repair purposes sent by Electro Mac in a few hours by means of trustworthy transporters. Furthermore the Company makes available high level electrical and mechanical service at the customer’s premises to solve any possible electrical and mechanical problems. This service is guaranteed within 24 hours in Italy and within 72 hours abroad.