All Electromac’s machines are made to last for a long time and for continuous production even under extreme working conditions. Furthermore, in order to reduce the time of a possible stop of the machine, a quick and easy access to the parts that are more subject to consumption is guaranteed.
Being on the client’s side means offering a reliable quality product, like Electromac’s machines, but it also means guaranteeing a timely and skilled after sale assistance everywhere in the world. To Electromac’s technicians this means meeting immediately whatever assistance request, giving every type of support and all the necessary material to solve the problem quickly.
Electric Assistance
Almost all the electric faults can be rapidly and efficiently faced at a distance thanks to tele-assistance and remote connection - through the Internet – to the machine remote computing system exchange. From Electromac’s premises expert technicians are able to monitor a machine that is working everywhere in the world and intervene to solve possible problems or update the software.
The electric assistance in loco is made easier by a detailed and precise technical documentation, supplied together with the machine and accessible even through the Internet. In order to access the download area and download technical manuals, click here.
Mechanical Assistance
In Italy and everywhere in the world, the immediate shipping of spare parts by express courier involves today waiting hours and not days.
Telephone assistance and the extreme simplicity of disassembly and reassemble of Electromac’s machines, together with the possibility to have a detailed and precise technical documentation supplied with the machine and accessible through the Internet, make substitutions and reparations easy to be managed directly by the client. The actual presence of an Electromac technician, if necessary, is guaranteed in 24 hours in Italy and in 72 hours abroad.

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